Optimal hydration is the base of a healthy and flawless skin. Keeping the correct level of water allows skin to maintain its vital functions and to restrain the aging process. All the products of AQUA line protect the skin from the daily environmental damages and strengthen the natural defenses.


Through ages, excessive sun exposure and hormonal changes, are the main causes of the change of Melanocytes. These Dermis cells are responsible for Melanin production. Environmental or physiological factors can compromise their normal process creating skin discolorations. To treat hyperpigmentation and promoting an effective and anti-ageing action we created ILLUMINA.


Aging, environmental aggression and lifestyle are the main causes that change the natural balance of the skin. The most common consequences are the typical “orange peel” effect, heavy legs, water retention and loss of firmness. To take a good care of our body, we created PERFECTA.